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When my grandmother died in 1973, I received some money, for which I bought a piano. I attended the singing conservatory and was therefore able to sing the scales well, which I had to practice for hours a day. How annoying I found that. I therefore quit this study and went to study musicology at the UVA. Very interesting. I started making small piano pieces, which I did not write down, but memorized. Due to various developments in my family and meeting an interesting artist, I decided to go to Paris with him in 1979. I got rid of my piano and left for good, I thought. In Paris I could not be actively involved in music, but I read regularly. I was particularly fascinated by esoteric reflections, Plato’s theory and the mathematical aspect of music. I read several scores of Bach songs. Every now and then a piece of music came into my head that I had played in Amsterdam. When I returned to the Netherlands in 1995 after many experiences, the desire for a piano became great again and I found a rental company who could supply me with one for a reasonable price. Again I started making small pieces. At some point, I couldn’t remember them anymore. I also kept hearing orchestral music in my head. The rental company of my piano put me in touch with Nico Ravenstein, who arranged for the Dutch wind ensemble. His first reaction was: did you write it down? Well no, so I started writing it down.

When I told him afterwards how I wanted it all and that I heard it this way and that, he said: well, if you know it all so well, you should just do it yourself. He then taught me how to use a composition program and synthesizers. I still wrote down the piano pieces with the composition program, but when I was able to produce symphonic sounds, I forgot about the piano.

Until an old school friend from Gymnasium Felisenum showed up in 2019, Tonny van den Brink. She took note of my work with interest and because she played the piano well, she asked if I had ever made anything for the piano. This is how this music was brought out again. Now it turned out that I had written it down rather amateurishly and actually unreadable for a pianist. Her piano teacher Erik Hespe then seriously guided me towards a professional result and thus Le Voyage A of the music before my departure and Le Voyage B after my return were born.

Voyage A synthesizer the outward journey
Voyage B synthesizer the homecoming 

But this does not end the story of the piano pieces. In 2023 I felt the need to play the piano pieces myself again. I went to France to study piano there as an ‘artist in residence’. But because I only had piano lessons for a few years, I had great difficulty reading this professional score. My stay was cut short because I became very ill. Once back home, I decided to rewrite the pieces my way: everything in C, so without staff signs that you have to remember and lower all notes with a flat sign where necessary, so that you can see at a glance which chord it’s alright. This seems much more natural to me. I have now discovered that I am musically dyslexic. That seems to happen more often. That’s why I called my new edition dyslexic notation in C. Hopefully others recognize this way of writing.

We have given no suggestions for the way you should play these pieces, because everyone makes his orher own journey in life.

NEW: Completed in March 2024 notation for dyslexics. The scores are available on request. Email to hettykat@gmail.com.


Texts (optional) For three songs A7, B1 and B10, there are lyrics that do not need to be sung specifically:

A7 Ferry, take me over, take me cross the water to the shore, to the shore, to the shore

B1 She stays awake the whole night long with her merry dancers dress on until her lover comes. He’s a warrior, a unicorn with velvet eye. They make love in mirror movements, not speaking, not touching, only reaching for eachother, reaching for eachother, reaching for eachother in the sky

B10 Time goes by. What is growing, will surely die. No use to try and slow it down, your feet will touch no solid ground to stay. Nay. the only luggage you may keep is written in your memory. Inside, hides the one who always was and ever will be…